Theses and Dissertations


Chemical Engineering PhD Thesis Tittle 
1 Application of inverse solution in the fundamental transport equations for gas adsorption systems Hossein Rahideh 2016

Preparation of a  composite  adsorbent for CO2 capturing in a pressure swing adsorption process

Masoume Rostami  2017
3 Investigation of CO2 absorption performance for post-combustion process   Morteza Afkhamipour      ...
4 Enhancemment of carbon dioxide adsorption using functionalized carbon black/zeolite composite adsorbent Elham Khoramzadeh      ...




Chemical Engineering Master Science Thesis Tittle
1 Gas adsorption thermodynamics modeling using equation of state Majid Seyyedie 2008
2 Thermodynamics Modeling of Pure and Binary Adsorption Isotherms Using Vacancy Solution Theory   Seyyed Milad Salehi 2010
3 Thermodynamics Modeling Multicomponent Gas Adsorption Using Ideal Adsorbed Solution Theories Seyed Masoud Sayyah 2011
4 Experimental and theoretical study of kinetics adsorption of O2 on zeolite Mahdi Abbasi 2011
5 Application of Pressure Swing Adsorption to Oxygen and Nitrogen  Separation from Air  Ehsan Javadi Shokroo 2012
6 Design and Simulation of Industrial Unit for Producing Nitrogen from Air Ashkan Mostamand 2012
7 Study of  Pressure Swing Adsorption Operation in  Nitrogen  Separation from Air Amir Zandavifard 2013
8 Adsorption Separation of Methane and Nitrogen Binary Mixtures Ali Bakhtyari 2013
9 Adsorption Measurement of  Binary  Methane/Carbon Dioxide on Zeolites 5A and 13X Fatemeh Gholipour 2013
10 Optimizing the condition of microalgae culturing and selective extraction method for producing the pigments Fatemeh Ghanbarpour 2014
11 Simulation of Pressure Swing Adsorption for Oxygen Production from Air Mohammad Amin Makarem 2014
12 Effect of blowdown pressure on the oxygen separation by  Pressure Swing Adsorption Benyamin Jafaryan 2014
13 Modeling of Natural Gas Adsorption in Adsorbed Natural Gas Storage System Sahebeh Yousefi 2014
14 Effect of Adsorption Pressure on the Oxygen Separation by  Pressure Swing Adsorption Milad Matoor  2014
15 Modeling and Simulation of Hydrogen Purification Process from Synthesis Gas by Pressure Swing Adsorption Sadegh Jamali 2015
16 Application of Wong-Sandler Equation in Thermodynamic Modeling and Prediction of Carbon Dioxide Solubility in Amine Solutions Aioda Nooshiravani 2015
17 Modeling and Simulation of CO2 Absorption from Natural Gas by AMP- Piperazine Solution Mohammad Reza Frootan 2015
18 Parametric Study on Preparation and Characterization of Polyacrylonitrile Nanofibers Fabricated via Centrifugal Spinning Method Ali Tajik 2016
19 CO2 Recovery from N2 and O2 BY Pressure Vacuum Swing Adsorption Erfan Hassanli 2016
20 Synthesis of Zeolite 13X for Gas Adsorption Separation of CO2 and N2 mixture Khatereh Amiri 2016
21 Equilibrium Solubility of Carbon Dioxide in Physical Solvents Mixed with AMP: Experimental Measurement and Modeling Peyman Pakzad 2016
22 Using Synthetic Zeolite 13x to Separate Oxygen from Nitrogen with Pressure Swing Adsorption Method Mino Ahosseini 2017

Investigating the Effect of Thermodynamic Models in Simultaneous Removal of CO2 and H2S by Amine Solutions in Absorption Column

Abdollah Hajizadeh 2017
24 Preparation of Sulfur Nanoparticles(S-NPs) for Use in Adsorption of Elemental Mercury Najmeh Mohammadi 2017